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Key Services

Meneren provides a unique combination of services for the full life-cycle of a project, including PPP's:

- Project Evaluation and Due Diligence, including Market Assessments, Technical and Financial Feasibility Studies, Technology Assessments, and Risk Assessments

- Project Formation, including formation of World-Class Consortia with Technical, Financial and Operational Partners

- Project Financial Planning and Structuring, including Capital Formation, Debt and Equity Financing, Credits, Guarantees, and IFI Participation

- Project Management, including Legal and Technical Services (cost and schedule management, and start-up)

- Merger and Acquisition Support, including Due Diligence, Financial Analysis, Negotiation, and Integration Planning

Legal Disclosure


Aden Container Terminal


Saudi Economic and Development Company (SEDCO)

Yemen Investment & Development Company Ltd. (YEMINCO)

Yemen Investment & Development Company B.V.I. (YEMINVEST)


1) Manage the fast track implementation of a complex private infrastructure development program that included a new transshipment container terminal, an industrial free zone, and a potential new regional cargo airport for air-sea links.

2) Obtain a Yemen Government Concession to develop and operate portions of the infrastructure program that was known as "The Aden Free Zone" (i.e. Industrial Park, Container Terminal, Cargo Village, World Trade Center, etc.)

Project Products:

  • Free Zone Master Plan

  • Container Terminal Master Plan

  • Phased Development Plan, including Cost Estimates

  • Infrastructure Requirements Document

  • Transshipment Market Analysis

  • Aden Power Plant Evaluation and 132kV Transmission Evaluation

  • Bader Air Base Evaluation and Cargo Village Conceptual Plan

  • Free Zone Hub Administration Plan

  • Case Studies Report (Market Assessment)

  • Codes and Standards Manual

  • Existing Ma'alla Terminal Evaluation and Redevelopment Plan

  • Aden World Trade Center Concept Plan

  • International Marketing Plan

  • Procure and manage accounting services

Project Development Agreement (Master Concession Agreement)


Meneren Work Effort:  Included a wide variety of Project Integration Services

  • Identify commercially viable free zone development projects (included: new container terminal, industrial estates, power plant, cargo village, and various other projects)

  • Procure and manage financial advisor services; structure overall project financing

  • Procure and manage preliminary engineering, including surveying, geo-technical investigations, photogrammetry, ordnance surveys

  • Procure and manage preliminary environmental impact baseline study

  • Procure and manage detailed port design contract

  • Procure and manage port dredging and island building contracts

  • Evaluate "unexploded ordinance" requirements in harbor and adjacent lands; procure UXO remediation firm

  • Recruit and coordinate involvement of World Bank, including obtaining a WB grant to fund munitions clearing program

  • Negotiate terms and agreements with consortium partners for projects

  • Determine the financial parameters for negotiation with the Yemen Government

  • Structure the proper legal document to grant the concession and protect the interests of the private operator

  • Negotiate the concession agreement to successful signing

  • Staff and manage project office (including serving as President/COO and CFO of  YEMINVEST)

This Newest Container Terminal in the Middle East was Opened and Operational in 1998


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Meneren Structured and Negotiated a 25  Year Exclusive Operating Concession Agreement with the Yemen Government





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