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Meneren provides a unique combination of services for the full life-cycle of a project, including PPP's:

- Project Evaluation and Due Diligence, including Market Assessments, Technical and Financial Feasibility Studies, Technology Assessments, and Risk Assessments

- Project Formation, including formation of World-Class Consortia with Technical, Financial and Operational Partners

- Project Financial Planning and Structuring, including Capital Formation, Debt and Equity Financing, Credits, Guarantees, and IFI Participation

- Project Management, including Legal and Technical Services (cost and schedule management, and start-up)

- Merger and Acquisition Support, including Due Diligence, Financial Analysis, Negotiation, and Integration Planning

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High-Speed Monorail Corridors


Monorail Excels in Many Environments

  • Operates well in deserts - the elevated guideway is above shifting sands and does not interrupt migration patterns.

  • Operates well in mountains - the linear motor does not rely on wheel traction and can handle steep grades, rain, snow and ice.

  • Operates well in crowded corridors - the minimal footprint, eight-lane equivalent capacity, and ability to handle tight curves enables its use where other solution will not work.


There could be as many as 100 corridors worldwide where a high-speed monorail could compete with highway and air travel. These include corridors in the US (see below) and many international corridors like the corridor connecting the GCC countries from Kuwait to Oman.

These corridors typically connect cities which are:

  • More than 150 miles apart. This makes high-speed trains competitive with car travel

  • Less than 600 miles apart. This makes trains competitive with air travel

High-Speed Train Corridors in US

There are 26 corridors in the US which the National Maglev Initiative identified as being potential routes for a high-speed train which can travel at up to 300 MPH.

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TransPort Ventures LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meneren Corporation was competitively selected by the State of Colorado to design, construct, and operate a 170 mile high-speed monorail system that will connect DIA (Denver International Airport), stop in the center of the City of Denver, and proceed up the Rocky Mountain corridor to the ski areas (including Vail), and on to the Eagle County Airport.


MagLift Technology has been designated a "Maglev" technology by the US Department of Transportation.  However, unlike fully levitating Maglev systems, MagLift is substantially lighter, lower cost, and can stay within highway right-of-ways.

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