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Key Services

Meneren provides a unique combination of services for the full life-cycle of a project, including PPP's:

- Project Evaluation and Due Diligence, including Market Assessments, Technical and Financial Feasibility Studies, Technology Assessments, and Risk Assessments

- Project Formation, including formation of World-Class Consortia with Technical, Financial and Operational Partners

- Project Financial Planning and Structuring, including Capital Formation, Debt and Equity Financing, Credits, Guarantees, and IFI Participation

- Project Management, including Legal and Technical Services (cost and schedule management, and start-up)

- Merger and Acquisition Support, including Due Diligence, Financial Analysis, Negotiation, and Integration Planning

Legal Disclosure


Meneren Free Zone Experience

The Meneren Corporation has experience in all aspects of structuring, developing, and operating international Free Zones, including:

Structuring Free Zones
  • Selected sites, planned land use, planned phased development, selected alternatives, developed environmental plans, facilitated development of goals and objectives, researched and developed recommendations for administration, and researched and recommended regulatory systems
  • Developed Free Zone model based on case studies of international Free Zones, including legal and legislative structure
  • Developed regulatory and administrative guidelines for the operation of Free Zones
  • Identified viable Free Zone development and infrastructure projects and Free Zone spin-off projects complementary to Free Zones

         Free Zone Primer-Free   



  • Identified consortium partners for development and operation and negotiate terms of consortium and partnership contracts
  • Developed, recommended and facilitated the legal framework needed to grant Free Zone concessions that will protect the interests of the private operator and the Government
  • Determined and negotiated public/private financial parameters including annual lease/franchise rates, cost and revenue sharing
  • Determined and negotiated public/private operation parameters including mutual and exclusive responsibilities, and BOT phasing

Developing Free Zones

  • Evaluated technical and operational parameters of existing facilities

  • Directed and facilitated recruitment and coordination of multi-lateral and bi-lateral funding agencies and major international commercial banks

  • Integrated Free Zone project development activities

  • Managed fast track implementation of complex Free Zone infrastructure development programs

  • Procured and managed engineering services, surveying, geotechnical investigations, photogrammetry, ordnance surveys and disposal activities

  • Procured and managed financial advisor, accounting, and market analyses

  • Procured and managed environmental assessments and market evaluations

  • Evaluated and assessed proposals from specialty technical firms for component design and construction of Free Zone infrastructure

Operating Free Zones

  • Started up a Free Zone operating company (hired staff, implemented information systems, and ran the day-to-day operations of marketing, technical and commercial operations

  • Performed executive duties (i.e. President, Chief Financial Officer, and Vice President of Engineering for Free Zone operating companies)

Significant Free Zone Projects  (click here for link to FZ projects)



The largest industry in the world is Transportation of Goods.

Free Trade Zones are a key tool for Economic Development.


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